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TerraTex Barrier Fencing

Fabric Rolls

  • 48″ x 300′
  • 48″ x 100′

Preassembled Fences

  • 48″ x 100′
  • 48″ x 50′

Special lengths available upon request
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Mutual Industries

Mutual Industries manufactures a broad line of Econofence® preassembled silt fences designed to meet the various state highway, environmental and private specifications. Listed below are commonly produced fences. All are 100 feet long, utilizing wooden posts and sedimentation control fabric.
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FX-200 DrainboardConventional aggregate drainage systems are costly and difficult to install. FX-200 Sheet Drains offer a modern, cost-effective drainage alternative. They replace aggregate backfill in many drainage applications. FX-200 reduces hydrostatic pressure and conveys ground water away from structure. Protection board systems can often be enhanced or replaced by FX-200 Drainboard.


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Intermixing of Subgrade & Aggregate

Traffic loads (or compaction during construction) typically cause a mixing of the high cost aggregate and subgrade. This intermixing can occur in both paved and unpaved structures. As the subgrade pumps into the aggregate, the supportive strength of the aggregate is lost and rutting or pavement cracking can result (LEFT image). FX-55 with its high puncture resistance, acts as a barrier to prevent this wasteful mixing.


Intermixing of Subgrade & Aggregate

FX-55 is put into tension as traffic loads are applied. The extremely high modulus (resistance to stretching) of FX-55 causes it to absorb those loadings and distribute them over a large area. The resulting decrease in pressure on the subgrade can result in a significant reduction in required aggregate depth (RIGHT image).

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Carthage Mills FX-66 goes a step beyond most fabrics by offering the engineer and contractor:

  • Greater strength to stabilize very poor soils or to withstand extremely demanding installation conditions (i.e., placement of armor stone or railbed rehabilitation).
  • A greater degree of safety in design for marginal soil conditions
  • Economical pricing in comparison to other high strength construction fabrics.
  • Light roll weight for ease of handling in the field.
  • Prolonged resistance to ultraviolet degradation.

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Protection of embankment and slopes against erosion has long been a structural and environmental problem. Re- taining walls and various types of armor stone have proven to be a partial solution as they absorb the major forces exerted by water movement. Unfortunately, such methods are often threatened because the native soil may be scoured from be- hind structures by the more subtle water movements.

In the 1960’s the Corps of Engineers experimented with and determined that geotextiles can be effective in controlling this scouring out of native soils from behind embankments and slope protection structures. Carthage 6% has been manufactured to exceed or meet the fabric specifications of the Corps of Engineers for such applications.

Carthage 6% is recommended for embankment protection where specifications call for or conditions merit a very robust fabric. It may also be used for subsurface drainage protection and siltation control.

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